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Client Coach


As the Client Coach, you are responsible for the growth of Inner Circle, Agency, and any other add-on memberships we offer. This may include ascending existing Launch clients to Inner Circle, developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty with our partners and in certain cases, end users. Your job is to work closely with Gym Launch and Inner Circle customers to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction with the help of the Customer Success team.

You will closely monitor Gym Launch/Inner Circle eligible clients via a CRM and sales pipeline, contact all eligible clients frequently to set them for a sales call, and complete the choreographed sales process that is designed to have the customer begging to buy by the end of the process.

Accurate tracking and reporting is a major part of this role as you will be expected to report on key metrics weekly to the Director of Client Coaching and take necessary action to improve each metric.

You will be expected to provide a moderate level of technical support to customers, especially as it pertains to Trainerize and new releases with the goal to keep customers satisfied with the business’s products and educate them on best practices.

To be a successful Client Coach one must excel at sales, leadership, cross-departmental communication, organization, collaborating with others to drive best practices, working directly with clients to achieve success, communicating with clients and teammates, and identifying opportunities for product expansion with clients.

You are one of the Gym Launch/Inner Circle clients main POC at the company and therefore you are expected to maintain an enthusiastic “can do” attitude at all times when customer facing but also know when to push back and kindly explain why something cannot be done (such as a new product request) and protect the company when deemed necessary.

You will also conduct and host the daily coaching calls each week.


  • Accurately maintain Inner Circle sales pipeline in the CRM - this means moving ALL Inner Circle eligible clients to the appropriate stage promptly
  • Promptly contact and attempt to schedule ALL eligible Inner Circle prospects via text through Zoho.
  • Educate Inner Circle prospects on our service from an expert’s perspective
  • Report weekly to Director of Client Coaching on the following metrics:
  • # of Inner Circle closes during previous reporting week (including schedule rate and show rate)
  • # of Agency closes during the previous reporting week
  • # of Scheduled Inner Circle Calls to take place the upcoming week
  • Identifying opportunities for onboarding efficiency, account expansion, and revenue creation within our customer base.
  • Advising our customers on how to improve their performance and increase their return on investment.
  • This also means understanding and having full comprehension of the marketing/sales strategies our clients are implementing and how those align with what Gym Launch offers.
  • Quickly identify gaps in our product that impact the success of our customers and communicate those to the Director of Client Coaching on your weekly 1-1’s.
  • Working closely with our Sales and Support teams to ensure issues are resolved.
  • Analyzing data and results to guide product and customer success improvements.
  • Conducting Inner Circle coaching calls with groups of customers to monitor their progress and coach them to more success.
  • Promote memorable partner experiences through personalized “WOW” gifts, cards, and actions.
  • Working closely with the Customer Success and Lead Gen Specialist to ensure a consistent and memorable client experience for Launch and Inner Circle programs.
  • Manage detailed and structured timelines, programs, tasks, and project management systems for both external and internal events using Asana.
  • Oversee creation of promotional marketing plans for Customer Events to ensure high attendance rate and excitement in the months/weeks prior to execution in collaboration with the Marketing and Support teams.


  • Experience in high ticket sales - preferably B2B sales
  • Able to self-direct and properly manage one’s time
  • Experience in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers
  • Efficient with all integrated platforms within the company
  • Excellent communication skills, both with clients and cross-departmentally
  • Ability to learn quickly and execute at a high level with speed
  • Ability to work under high stress and pressing deadlines
  • Able to make autonomous decisions of how to handle customers based on company morals/values and set guidelines
  • Able to handle difficult conversations regarding upset customers and de-escalate those situations
  • Able to work M-F 8AM-5PM EST; Must be flexible and able to work additional hours/weekends/holidays if the situation warrants it
  • Able to multitask efficiently and without issues
  • Generally reachable and responsive to Slack during working hours


  • All qualified prospects are reached out to and scheduled for a call
  • All prospects are properly moved in Zoho and information is documented on client details so the Support team has proper expectations
  • An average of 80% Inner Circle close rate on calls is maintained
  • Customer issues revolving around product/service are documented and resolved.
  • All interactions are noted in CRM by EOD each day
  • Launch and Inner Circle clients are supported in a consistent, friendly, and enthusiastic manner
  • Policies and procedures to optimize customer success are documented, communicated, and implemented to ensure a consistent experience for all customers.
  • Able to increase partner, and partner customer retention and activation through improved onboarding experience, ongoing education, and customer advocacy.
  • Creates a consistent feedback loop to inform Marketing, Sales, and Product of sound ways to improve customer experience and increase success.
  • Create loyal brand advocates through WOW experiences
  • Less than 10% attrition rate within Launch is maintained
  • Less than 5% attrition rate within Inner Circle is maintained



  • Communications on high priority Sales items via Slack with Director of Client Coaching
  • Communications on high priority Customer Success items via Slack with Director of Client Coaching or Lead Customer Success Manager
  • Long-form questions or requests, as well as low-priority items, are consolidated as best possible and communicated to the Director of Client Coaching via Emails, with potential for follow-up via Slack


  • EOW Report is delivered to Director of Client Coaching by Thursday at 5pm EST
  • Attends Weekly 1:1 with Director of Client Coaching
  • Attends Weekly GL Meetings
  • Facilitates cross-departmental meetings and 1:1’s with other members of the GL/PL team as you see necessary
  • Lead at least 1 client facing coaching call for all clients
  • Attends all Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual meetings as requested
  • Collect weekly client data via the Weekly Client Report


  • Search within all content/materials provided or available to retrieve answers or ways of resolving the situation
  • Reach out to peers to gain insight into the situation and see if a resolution can be found
  • If still unresolved, reach out to the Director of Client Coaching regarding the situation (using methods of communication in line with priority)
  • Follow up with Director of Client Coaching in a timely manner based on the priority of the request, and continue to do so until a resolution is found

Reports to Director of Client Coaching

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