Remote Engineering Instructor Jobs
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Remote Engineering Instructor Jobs

With the new school year approaching, the Varsity Tutors platform has thousands of students looking for online Engineering instructors. As an instructor who uses the Varsity Tutors platform, you can earn good money teaching small groups of students, choose your own hours, and truly make a difference in the lives of your students.

Why join our platform?

  • Enjoy competitive rates and get paid up to 2x per week.
  • Choose to instruct as much or as little as you want.
  • Instruct online (i.e. “work remotely”) and set your own hours and schedule.
  • Use your own teaching methodologies and design your own lesson plans and curriculum to address your students’ particular needs.
  • Students can take adaptive assessments through the platform and share results to help you decide where to focus.
  • We collect payment from the customers, so all you have to do is invoice the session.

What we look for in a instructor:

  • You have a friendly, approachable personality and foster engagement among students.
  • You have subject-matter expertise in Engineering.
  • You have excellent presentation skills and work well with groups.

Discover all the ways you can reach students through the online platform:

  • 1-on-1 Online Tutoring: connect with an individual student for a highly personalized learning experience.
  • Small Group Classes: meet with small groups (typically 7-9 students) for a more collaborative learning experience.
  • VT+ Classes: teach groups of 25-30 students anything from math fundamentals to video game design.
  • Large Live Classes: share your knowledge with hundreds of students at a time.
  • School@Home: provide support for homeschooling parents with 1-on-1 Online Tutoring and Small Group Classes.
  • Instant Tutoring: accept subject specific, on-demand tutoring sessions whenever you’d like.

About Varsity Tutors

Our mission is to transform the way people learn. We do this by leveraging advanced technology, AI, and the latest in learning science to facilitate a personalized learning experience. Through small group instruction, instructors meet with groups typically ranging between 7-9 students for a more collaborative learning experience. We believe our thoughtful approach to matching students with the right instructors in a small group setting can improve outcomes, and we look forward to connecting you with students hungry to learn.

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$1M to $5M (USD)


Internet and Software

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We are revolutionizing the way the world learns. Varsity Tutors is the nation’s largest platform for live online tutoring. Our mission is to transform the way people learn through technology. Leveraging AI, our purpose-built proprietary platform connects learners of all ages to experts. We are a comprehensive learning destination that provides learning experiences across 3,000+ subjects and multiple formats —including 1:1 tutoring, small and large live group classes, and asynchronous self-study. Learn more about Varsity Tutors at Yes, we’re a tech company, but more than that, we’re a people company. It’s our job to understand learners and help set them up for success. We succeed with a diverse mix of talented people who want to come, stay and do their best work. If you love learning, technology, and making a true impact, you’re going to love working here. Full-Time Corporate Positions: Part-time Contractor Tutoring Positions:
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Company reviews
"Fine for what it is"
Former EmployeeTutor
I enjoy the flexibility this position provides--the hours are literally whatever you and your student agree on. There is a pretty steady stream of student referrals which are basically emails of potential clients (you reply to get paired). That being said, there is no curriculum (which I prefer but some people might not like) and not much guidance (for example no one to bounce ideas off of, but there are so many websites and resources for that)

"The online Dashboard doesn''t always allow my students and I to be in synch. But when they and/or I call VT tech support they quickly fix things. "
Current EmployeeTutor
I am grateful for the flexibility the VT platform provides me to utilize my mult-subject and middle school through graduate school and beyond pedagogical acumen. I live to learn and teach and VT enables to do that from the safety of my home. Thank you VT.

"Expect the Unexpected"
Former EmployeeClient Representative
I started working at Varsity Tutors in July of this year. When I applied for the Educational Account Manager position in June, there was absolutely no mention that the role involved sales. I discovered the sales aspect of the position after training and decided to go with it - after all, it is a job. I found that I was grossly underprepared for what the role requires. I left recently due to the stress of the position and blatant disregard for consumers and employees. Here's what to expect for when working as an Educational Account Manager/Client Sales Representative at Varsity Tutors: After a week of rushed training, you are placed on the phones to outbound and receive calls for each shift. You are given a script and expected to pursue a sale on every call. During the RAMP (training/coaching) stage, you meet with your manager twice per week to review metrics and receive call coaching to improve your sales. You spend about 4-8 weeks in RAMP before being moved to a tenured team. Once on a tenured team, you are immediately given a quota to meet for the month (30% of what a fully tenured rep is expected to meet). You are given clients and pushed to sell as many tutoring hours as possible to them, even if those hours are beyond what the clients need. Even when you make a large sale that makes sense for a client, you are always asked about the "missed opportunity" to sell more hours to them that the client doesn't need. You'll reach out to managers for support throughout the day and are lucky if you get a response regarding serious or escalated matters. If you don't hit your quota at the end of your first month on a tenured team, you are given a higher quota for your second month, as well as double the clients to manage. The new sales reps often lie/mislead clients about tutor placement expectations, so account management consists of resetting expectations, de-escalating angry clients, deflecting refunds, and troubleshooting technical issues. You are expected to "pivot" to recommending a sale on every call that you take, regardless of if the client has just purchased or is extremely angry about their current experience. You are strongly encouraged to process as few refunds as possible, even if the client has valid reasons for requesting a refund (i.e. finding in-person tutoring, multiple unsuccessful tutor matches, etc.).You are expected to emotionally manipulate clients into staying or purchasing more hours through highlighting their current struggles, the pandemic, and any other personal factors they mention to you. As a newly tenured rep, this will be a difficult transition with a steep learning curve, but don't worry! Your tenured team manager will give you useless platitudes and tell you to work overtime as a solution. Don't forget - overtime is a requirement during peak season, in addition to the weekend and evening shifts that you already work throughout each week. If you enjoy misleading clients, stressful sales environments, and having no separation or work and personal life, then Varsity Tutors is the place for you!

"Plenty of opportunities but very low pay"
Current EmployeeTutor
I was excited to work with VT because I mistakenly thought I would be able to eventually set my own rates for tutoring. That is not the case. For 1:1 tutoring, the pay is $15/hour, for groups it is $20-22. As a certified teacher, this pay is abysmal considering all of the sessions require at least 30 minutes or more of prep (which is of course unpaid). I do like that there are pay-outs twice a week so tutors see their money quickly, and since I am passionate about educational advancement and my own professional development, I am happy with the range of opportunities presented from running book clubs to traditional tutoring. However, I have never been able to find more than 6-8 hours of work a week with VT, and at only $15/hour this is just not worth my time. I do not recommend this for anyone looking for reasonable compensation.