Teacher Spanish SY 21-22 (Virtual Learning Program)
Baltimore City Public Schools3.6
Baltimore, MD
Job description


While the school system works to welcome all students back to in-person learning for the 2021-22 school year, the district will also be providing a limited K-12 Virtual Learning Program for some students who need to continue school in an online format. The program will use existing district curriculum, district-approved applications, and assessment platforms to plan and teach following a 5-day week schedule that includes synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The Teacher - Spanish Virtual Learning Program is a fully virtual teaching position with no designated City Schools classroom or workspace; this means that candidates from any US jurisdiction may apply. This posting is intended to create a pool of external teacher candidates for positions at the Virtual Learning Program that may become available. Candidates hired into this role will be hired for the 2021-22 school year only, though they may be considered for future positions with the district the following year.

Plans and implements an instructional French program and provides related educational services for students in grades K-8 or high school in an online format using district approved instructional materials, applications and platforms. Manages student behavior, assesses and evaluates student achievement, and modifies instructional activities as required; Carries out a variety of student monitoring and control activities.

All classes will be taught virtually with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning and teachers are expected to plan instruction for both modalities. Performs duties within a team or departmental setting, but might work independently in a unique teaching specialty. Some positions may be assigned to reading or technology online labs. Other positions are assigned to science labs or industrial arts/technology education labs that will be conducted virtually.

Essential Functions
  • Assesses student abilities as related to desired educational goals, objectives, and outcomes using online technologies and platforms approved by the school district for the Virtual Learning Program
  • Plans and implements appropriate instructional/learning strategies and activities, including determination of appropriate kind and level or materials. Utilizes a variety of instructional materials and available multimedia, platforms, and computer technology to enhance learning.
  • Develops, adapts, modifies, and individualizes educational materials, resources, techniques, methods, and strategies to meet the needs of students within the City Schools curriculum framework.
  • Assumes direct responsibility for the development of appropriate behavior of students within the school setting by establishing and maintaining effective engagement, discipline and management procedures aligned to expectations in the Virtual Learning Program
  • Manages the behavior of learners in instructional settings to ensure environment is conducive to the learning process and assists and participates in management of student behavior in all aspects of the Virtual Learning Program such as breakout rooms and individual/small group sessions.
  • Coordinates instructional activities and collaborates online with others professional staff, both school and non-school-based, as required to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Requests assistance of and works with resource personnel, as needed.
  • Works in a self-contained, team, departmental, itinerant capacity, as assigned.
  • Participates in in-service and staff development activities and staff meetings as required or assigned.
  • Continually assesses student achievement and maintains appropriate assessment and evaluation documentation for institutional and individual reporting purposes.
  • Ensures continuous communication with parents, both written and oral, to keep them informed of a student(s) progress.
  • Continually communicates with students on instructional expectations and keeps them informed of their progress in meeting those expectations.
  • Manages allotted learning time to maximize student achievement.
  • Assigns work to and oversees paraprofessionals, parents, and student volunteers as required.
  • Ensures online classroom and/or instructional environment is attractive, healthful, safe, and conducive to learning and that materials, applications and other technologies are accessible to students.
  • Serves at two or more schools on a regular basis if itinerant.
  • Makes online site visits to monitor students or confers with employers or site instructors as required.
  • Supports or participates virtually in student activities and social events and approved fundraising activities for the Virtual Learning Program.
  • Monitors student behavior in non-instructional areas as assigned or required and intervenes to control and modify disruptive behavior, reporting to administrator as appropriate.
  • Collaborates with other professionals (guidance counselors, librarians, etc.) to carry out program instructional or related activities.
  • May sponsor or coordinate extracurricular activities such as clubs, student organizations, and academic contests.
  • Performs and promotes all activities in compliance with equal employment and non-discrimination policies; follows federal laws, state laws, school board policies and the professional standards

Maximum Salary

Minimum Salary

Desired Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Hold or be eligible for a Maryland State Department of Education professional teaching certificate appropriate to area of assignment
  • Knowledge of federal laws protecting the educational services for students with disabilities
  • Knowledge and experience in using multiple online communication platforms and applications to support teaching and learning online.
  • Knowledge of content, curriculum, methods, materials, and equipment of instructional specialty to which assigned
  • Knowledge of school's program of studies related to assignments and mission, goals, and organization is preferred
  • If teaching foreign language, proficiency in oral and written communication in that language
  • If teaching choral music, ability to teach through demonstrating singing and choral techniques
  • If teaching instrumental music classes, proficiency in one or more musical instruments
  • Both choral and instrumental teachers must possess excellent hearing skills and be able to distinguish pitch and tonal qualities
  • Excellent oral and written communications and human relations skills
  • Ability to select instructional planning, management, and evaluation procedures that relate to students needs and the demands of the instructional environment
  • Ability to apply knowledge of current research and theory to instructional programs
  • Ability to plan and implement lessons based on division and school objectives and the needs and abilities of students to whom assigned
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with students, peers, and parents with notable need in continuous engagement with parents/families to ensure students are engaged and actively participating in the virtual classroom as well as completing assignments.
  • Ability to plan and implement lessons based on division and school objectives and the needs and abilities of students to whom assigned
  • Ability to move about in a digital communication platform (such as Zoom) to check student work and monitor behavior and engagement


  • Customer Focus - Commits to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders; acts with stakeholders in mind; values importance of providing high-quality customer service.
  • Interpersonal Skills - Builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact to diffuse tense situations; can put others at ease and disarm hostility.
  • Managing Relationships - Responds and relates well to people in all positions; is seen as a team player and is cooperative; looks for common ground and solves problems for the good of all.
  • Functional/Technical Skills - Possesses required functional and technical knowledge and skill to accomplish job tasks at a high level; demonstrates active interest and ability to enhance and apply new functional skills.

Full time or Part time
Full time
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Baltimore City Public Schools, also referred to as Baltimore City Public School System, BCPSS, BCPS and City Schools, is a public school district in the state of Maryland, United States. It serves the youth for the city of Baltimore (in distinction to the separate and "younger" public school system (district) for the surrounding county of Baltimore, known as the Baltimore County Public Schools [BCoPS]).
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Company reviews
"Depends on the school"
Former EmployeeElementary School Teacher
Compensation is much better than most other school systems. The union is amazing and will fight for educators to be treated fairly. Everything else depends on your school and admin team.

"Slow to promote and provide opportunity for growth"
Current EmployeeLiteracy Coach
In the office of teaching and learning, the program manager is unorganized and seems to be far removed from the work within city schools needed to support teachers, leaders, and students. There are lots of people that are misplaced in leadership roles. Followers and yes-men often overlook strong upcoming leaders. The district will stay stagnant if new ideas are stifled. Eventually, we will not be able to compete with neighboring districts.

"Baltimore Polytechnic Institute-A place where you will learn and grow professionally and personally. "
Former EmployeeTeacher
1. The people/school culture can be a bit cold, like attending a high school all over again. (There are small groups and are hard to get to into certain groups, to be accepted.)-People are not always open to new people/ideas. Generally, a big school, without warm feelings, concerning the atmosphere among workers and students as a whole. 2. I had learned and taken on challenges, such as classroom management, dealt with both students and parents/guardians' behavioral and/or complaint issues, etc. Parents and school are more likely to take on students' side, rather than stand with teachers. Poor teachers nowadays. I learned to survive and succeed and moved on. 3. Most students are GREAT and sweet to support and follow me academically and personally, to the last days of school. So as a few colleagues turned to be great friends to encourage me until the end of my days. They greatly touched my heart and this experience became a special memory of mine.

"Public school has become too focused on reporting and conducting surveys about teacher participation rather than on actually instructing students."
Current EmployeeTeacher
Public school teaching involves so much scrutiny of teachers that there's hardly enough time for instruction. Between the state, district, and individual school's requirements, teaching has ceased to be enjoyable. I love my students, but I don't enjoy the forced collaboration or the amount of time I spend lesson-planning.