Fusion Global Academy English Teacher and Mentor (Part Time/Full Time)
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Job description

Fusion Global Academy has an immediate opening for an English Teacher Mentor. This position provides a student centered, supportive classroom that promotes compassion and tolerance, emotional security, resourcefulness, and independent critical thinking while addressing the individual academic and emotional needs of each student through Fusion's differentiated approach.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Provide a one-to-one teaching experience in the areas of English Composition, Literature, and Language Arts at grade levels 6-12.

  • Show evidence of adapting and differentiated instruction for all students and a classroom forum for holistic growth.

  • Maintain complete and accurate records.

  • Develop and maintain genuine, positive and consistent communication with parents.

  • Contribute to and benefit from the campus community.

  • Practice professionalism through ongoing professional development, reflection and continuous improvement.

  • In addition to subject matter tutoring and teaching, this position includes significant student mentoring.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications Required:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree is required for consideration, as well as a higher level English background.

  • Solid subject matter knowledge in a majority of these areas: English Composition, Literature, and Language Arts at grade levels 6-12.

  • Teaching credentials are a plus but are not mandatory.

  • Experience with students with learning differences and ADHD is a plus as well as mentoring experience.

  • The ideal candidate is outgoing, well organized, competent in basic computer skills, and is an individual who is eager to work in a highly dynamic, energetic school setting.

  • Candidate must be prepared to teach and tutor material at a high school level immediately.

Competencies Desired:

  • Expertise in the relevant subject area.

  • Understand learning differences and emotional difficulties.

  • Ability to mentor as a positive role model.

  • Understand and support each student's Formal Education Plan (FEP).

  • Commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Self-directed, proactive, intelligent, knowledge of curriculum and assessment, multi-tasker, problem solving skills, professional written and verbal communication skills, ability to connect with students with patience and compassion.

  • Ability to manage stress, and self-regulate during chaos and crisis, consistently positive attitude, strong teamwork, passionate, genuine, organized, internally motivated, service orientation, ability to reserve judgment and respond with curiosity and compassion.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality or sex.

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Company Description
Over 20 years ago Fusion Academy started as a single, unique private school in the San Diego area. Fusion Education Group has replicated that school and now supports 60+ campuses. Each Fusion Academy is an accredited, one-to-one private school for grades 6 through 12. But we’re so much more than that. We’re a community of learning dedicated to creating a supportive environment where every student can flourish – emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Our teaching approach is unique and effective: one student and one teacher for the whole class period. This lets us present course material in a focused environment, at a pace, and in a style that suits each student’s individual interests, strengths, and challenges. Fusion is a unique place to work and teach. We believe that teaching and learning should be fun! So start a parade down the hall or wrap your classroom in tin foil! (If you can’t embrace that kind of wackiness, Fusion may not be for you…) “Fusionites” are creative and embrace change. We build relationships every moment, every day with students, their parents, and other Fusionites. Diversity is embraced and openness matters. We also believe that teaching is a calling, and not a job. Some of our teachers have teaching licenses but some do not and are content experts. We come from diverse backgrounds including special education, traditional teaching, tutoring, and life experience. We all have at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have master’s degrees or professional degrees.
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Company reviews
"Better than a part-time retail job, underqualified employees"
Former EmployeeEnglish Teacher
People who have career positions will love it here because they tend to hire young, inexperienced people and send them off to a sort of cult-like retreat experience. It is here that some of these people become almost like cult-followers. This is no exaggeration. Meanwhile, the teachers are stressed and underpaid. Some of the "teachers" are just college graduates (if that) with NO educational background. This, unsurprisingly, leads to scenarios where young teachers engage in questionable behaviors with teens. Not that teachers ALSO haven't done that, but I feel this company (it is a for-profit company), is not focused on what is best for the students. No social worker on staff in spite of a population of students who need help - many have emotional and behavioral issues. It's nice for the students who are rich - they can skate by on Mommy and Daddy's money and barely work. It is awful for the teachers. No benefits, no vacation, no predictable hours, ten minutes of planning time per HOUR of class taught. Told to use Google to find lesson ideas. The least they could do is put together planned lessons for us since they only pay for the time spent teaching. I could tutor and make $60-80 an hour, have 5 students and make what I make working my butt off here, so no thanks.

"Flexibility demanded but not given"
Former EmployeeTeacher
My time at Fusion was like a tale of two jobs: dealing with students (mostly productive, enjoyable, and uplifting), and dealing with management (mostly disheartening, frustrating, and demoralizing). Teaching at Fusion offered me the chance to improve as a teacher, develop helpful curricula while working with other educators, and be a positive and beneficial person in many young students' lives. But teaching at Fusion also showed me the dangers of management that is detached from the reality of what is actually required to teach many of our students, poor pay and support, and a cliquish management culture which is frankly more petty and high-schoolish than the social groups that our students formed.

"Meaningful Work that Truly Changes Lives"
Current EmployeeHomeBase Employee
I work at the HomeBase office. I love what I do and am proud to support the amazing work that is done at our Fusion Academy campuses. I hear stories all the time from happy students and parents about their lives being changed for the better. I have amazing co-workers and managers who care about me as a human being and want to help me grow.

"Great environment. Dedicated staff. Great boss. Great students. "
Current EmployeeSpanish Teacher
Great place to work. Amazing and dedicated students. Great co-workers and boss. Great Head of Campus and Welcome Manager. I get lots of professional satisfaction teaching at Fusion Solana Beach.