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Job description

We’ve created a platform which connects writers and clients, and we are looking for new writers! Clients place orders 24/7 and our system automatically puts them into the queue for you to view. If you like the order and can get it done by the deadline, claim it and get to work! The process is simple for writers, and it's often easy for those who enjoy the research and writing process. Work from home, work from the beach, work from the office; it's up to you.

While we facilitate the exchange of money and documents, writers and clients message each other directly to ensure clear expectations. Many writers enjoy repeat clients who request them for future orders. While accepting an order is never a requirement for the writer, client requests often save the writer time. Our platform has an extensive Writer Helpdesk to ensure writers have all relevant information available at their fingertips.


Writers need to have:

  • Research and formatting skills (APA, MLA, ect)
  • Computer with internet access
  • Microsoft Word for draft submission
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • US address for tax purposes


Payouts are automatically set by our platform when a customer creates their order. Main factors affecting payouts are time frame, skill level, and order type. Sliding pay scale ranges from $7.50-22 per page for custom writing. Bonuses added to orders may exceed these payout ranges. Writers are paid out twice per month via electronic deposit.

This is a independent contractor position which means you will fill out a W9 rather than a W4. Per IRS guidelines, a 1099 will be sent out if the contractor earns at least $600 for the year.


Being a freelance writer isn't for everyone. In this role you will need to check queues, read the order information, and decide if you can complete the order by the deadline. Once you claim the order you can communicate with the client through our secure platform which protects the privacy of both parties, then complete the order and submit for review. Our QA team reviews the order to ensure it meets order requirements before sending it to the client, or back to the writer for adjustments. Sometimes the queues are abundant while other times they may seem bare. We find many freelancers like to use this position to earn extra money between their regular daily tasks, whether it be managing the household, working a standard 9-5, or going to classes. It's a great way to determine if the freelance writer lifestyle is right for you. It can also be the perfect balance when you want your downtime to be productive, or if you feel like diving down a rabbit hole and prefer to be paid.

Job Type: Contract

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1201 N Orange St STE 7038 Wilmington, DE 19801


11 to 50


less than $1M (USD)


Internet and Software

Company Description
Ultius is a global leader in connecting consumers with qualified American freelance writers. Our online platform provides American freelance writers with steady, work at home jobs in exchange for attractive pay rates. With over 2,000 writing professionals, 24/7 quality assurance and support team members, Ultius drives the knowledge economy. Ultius is also deeply committed to providing knowledge based jobs for American graduates who are struggling with the current economic climate. Our mission is to conveniently deliver high quality content for our global client base and our writers are an integral part of that process.
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  • Company & Benefits
    2.9 / 5
  • Culture & Values
    3.3 / 5
  • Career Opportunities
    2.6 / 5
  • Work/Life Balance
    4.2 / 5
  • Senior Management
    3.4 / 5
Company reviews
"It is flexible as far as you can take jobs when you have time. "
Current EmployeeWriter
There is no advancement at this company. The editors don't actually read what you have written. They just make sure that the writing style is correct. The editors return projects for incorrect reasons. The pay is very poor for the writers while the company retains the bulk of payment.

"Solid work at home, but better not have an emergency or need more time"
Former EmployeeFreelancer
This is a writing job where you are completing assignments for high school and college students who would rather pay someone to do their papers, so if you can't stomach that, move on from here. Work tends to be seasonal and end of term tends to yield more items than times such as summer, though there may be the odd assignment here and there. As time has gone on here, management has become more and more stringent against its writers and less supportive, and they will use any excuse to levy a penalty or deduct money from you. For example, don't even think of asking for more time on an assignment if you have an emergency, as they will just mark you late and deduct your pay. Client sends the assignment for revision? More penalties and deductions. This is common especially lately. Some editors are OK, but others act like they have just come off their other job as prison wardens and will return drafts to you for a comma out of place (this actually happened!) or other minor change which they could have implemented themselves rather than wasting time sending items back to the writer and demanding that they fix it. Rates are low here too, with some assignments paying $8.50 for a page, so if you are late on that one, you'd probably be better off just having a yard sale or going to work at a Starbucks as the pay is higher. Overall, a good place to learn how to do this kind of work, but then best to move on because sooner or later they will tire of you and terminate you anyway for some trumped up reason (too many late orders, not enough orders, or who knows what). They think writers are out there on every street corner, so whether you've done five orders for them or five hundred, they don't care. They'll just drop you and hire someone else, unless you make enough money...but don't make too much either because they don't like to pay out a lot. A learning experience, that's all this is, basically a

"Very little potential for work, morally questionable tasks."
Current EmployeeFreelance Editor
Very few, if any, jobs available in the queue. Their response to this is always "the job is competitive and you must watch the queue closer." As an experiment, I watched the queue for 12 hours straight, 3 days in a row and 0 jobs became available in that time. Admins claim this is a job that you will have success by "putting in more work" and "you get out of it what you put in" yet there aren't really any opportunities to do that. I'm not sure if COVID saturated the market or if the company is just over-hiring since the positions are freelance, but the end result is no work for most writers. Payouts are very small for the amount of work on most jobs, usually ranging from $10-$15. Pricing out certain jobs or requests on the Ultius order site shows that the freelance writers get very little of the final cost the customer pays while simultaneously doing all or most of the work. Admin will always side with the customer, even when the customers have 0 response or provide little to no information. Writers are punished for seemingly anything, even when issues or delays are the customer's fault, dwindling already small payouts even smaller. Most work is helping students cheat through high school, college, nursing programs, etc. Does not feel good writing personal statements or admissions essays for people who clearly don't care about their educations. Opportunity to work from home doing what I do best at an entry level seemed too good to be true, and the job at Ultius ended up being just that.

"It's a cool part-time job if you like doing homework. "
Current EmployeeWriter
There are generally not enough orders for you to make this a sustainable income, but it's nice extra money for doing basic research and writing. I always loved doing homework/essays so I like the job, but there's no way to make a full career out of it. You can pick your own orders/topics, so that's nice.