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Job description

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We are seeking the ABSOLUTE BEST experienced phone sales representatives with health & fitness knowledge to help us sell our amazing products to our LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE… all from the comfort of your own home!

Metabolic Living is a $60MM rapidly scaling fully remote DTC metabolic optimization company seeking a dynamic Sales Representative. We're a 100% remote team of ~200 in our 11th year, have grown 300% since 2019, and are on the path to becoming a billion-dollar brand by 2025.

What Are The Key Points:

  • 100% Commission based role. 20% Commission (Gross Margin) earned on all products & services sold
  • Location: YOUR HOME! We are 100% Remote (we have virtual team of 200+)
  • Existing Customer Based Workflow, No prospecting necessary
  • Outbound reach to new and loyal customers with SMS, Phone Calls & Appointments - Your goal is to have 10-12 conversations every single day
  • Closing supplement packages and producing coaching T/O’s. Once established in role: HIGH TICKET 1-ON-1 coaching sales with a price point of $2,500-$10,000 per sale
  • Culture: High-Performance and Humble
  • Daily Sales Training: Our team trains every single morning with role-play & positive coaching. You will also have on-demand access to training courses & role-play exercises through our Learning Management System"
  • Full-time sales reps (Domestic/US) will be eligible for Benefits on their 90th day of employment (Some details required): Medical-Dental-Vision-Life Insurance-Short Term Disability-Long Term Disability-401k
  • Free Metabolic products shipped to your home! (US Domestic Only & Performance Attainment Goals Required)
  • Once established in the role, our TOP PERFORMING sales representatives average 70-80% closing ratio, and sell 10K-20K of product and services per week! Phone conversations are with loyal and new customers who have already committed to making a significant lifestyle change. Top performers go above & beyond & typically request to work more than 40 hours/week
  • Many of our customers are excited and eager to hear from our world class sales representatives. Some require a little motivation & inspiration to commit to the lifestyle change." That is where YOU come in!

What’s Our Culture Like?

We have a human-first culture that puts the needs of our team first. We combine dedicated time for deep work to deliver world-class performance with a standard set of rhythms that allow us to stay in alignment, be transparent and eliminate office politics. For example:

  • Daily huddles and weekly check-ins to brainstorm, align on priorities and remove bottlenecks

Who Are We and How Are We Different?

Our mission is simple: make living healthy easier than living unhealthy. We do that by empowering people to fix their own health with our metabolism-first approach and unified ecosystem that powers our MetabolicOS. 3 things make us different than other brands in the health and wellness space:

  • Metabolism-First – After 11 years of trial-and-error with 500k+ people, we’ve found optimizing your metabolism delivers the results you want: feeling your best, looking your best, performing your best and living longer. Your metabolism is your inner compass for health, but most people don’t understand how to read it; once you do, it’ll tell you exactly what to do to help you thrive.
  • Individualized-Approach – Paleo may work great for one person’s metabolism, Vegan for another, Keto for another, etc. Everyone’s different, so to achieve results that stick, those differences must be respected; if not, things will backfire. That’s why our approach is 100% customized to the individual – there is no perfect program to find, it must be built to support how that specific person’s unique metabolism works. This is where the usual one-size-fits-all solutions fail – they don’t respect our very real individual differences.
  • Integrated Ecosystem – It’s simply too hard to live healthy – lots of great individual solutions, but nothing is connected. We’re left to stitch everything together, which is confusing. We simplify everything with an integrated suite of the offerings you need to optimize your metabolism. We started with nutrition, then exercise, then supplements, then coaching and are constantly pulling in new pieces of the health puzzle.

All of this is combined into our proprietary Metabolic Optimization System (MetabolicOS) that unites practitioner wisdom and scientific research with machine learning to deliver a truly customized data-driven consumer experience that helps you dial in your metabolism at any stage of life.

What’s Our Past and Future?

Our company may be a bit confusing at first glance because we built everything organically in reverse, starting with our first nutrition program in 2012, then our first exercise program in 2014 and then launching our full ecosystem of products, including nutraceuticals, functional foods, subscriptions, memberships, 1-on-1 coaching and more. We market these all separately under different DTC websites.

However, now everything’s being centralized under our new brand, Metabolic. We’re launching our flagship e-comm website on in Q2 and our digital product + e-comm app in Q3. Normally, companies raise money, launch with a brand and then figure out how to make money later. We did that in reverse – creating products that solve specific problems first to bootstrap, scaling that up to fund building out our team and infrastructure, and then retrofitting the brand on top.


Requirements You Must Have:

  • Fast Internet Connection - Min. Of 1MBPS Download Speed
  • Check your Internet speed right here:
  • Check your octane score right here:
  • High Quality Computer, we recommend a computer with 8G's of RAM. (5G Min.)
  • High Quality Camera, Video and Audio for daily sales team huddles and one-on-one meetings with sales management
  • High Quality Headset with Clear Microphone
  • Must be able to manage technical requirements on your own computer. We use: Zingtree, Salesforce, Office 365, Calendly, Microsoft products and Zoom
  • Fitness and Nutrition is a personal hobby or interest
  • Quiet & Professional Workspace because you will be attending daily zoom calls with our entire team





Next Steps After Applying?

  • Live Pre-Screen with our Global Sales Recruiter
  • Loom Video submission to show us your communication and closing skills
  • An Offer to Join our SALES TEAM!
  • Paid Sales Training Curriculum Begins!


Full-time sales reps (Domestic/U.S.) will be eligible for Benefits on their 90th day of employment (Some details required): Medical-Dental-Vision-Life Insurance-Short Term Disability-Long Term Disability-401k

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51 to 200


$25M to $100M (USD)


Health Care

Company Description
Metabolic Living’s mission is to help you take back control of your health so you can stop struggling and start thriving. Our vision to accomplish this is to make our metabolism-first lifestyle become the worldwide standard for healthy living. And our goal is to grow our $60MM, 100+ team into a beloved billion-dollar multi-channel brand by 2023 to create the footprint needed to influence this change. We’ve grown at 59% and 81% the last 2 years with 125% growth this year. We’ve tinkered for 9 years getting everything just right, but now that it’s all clicking, we’ve reached our inflection point and it’s time to hit the gas. We’re launching our new brand assets this year, including our state-of-the-art e-commerce website and machine learning and AI-driven “trust customization” app that brings our proprietary Metabolic Optimization System (“Metabolic OS”) to life. Our Metabolic OS is flexible and empowering and is 100% focused on delivering the results that matter: feeling your best, looking your best and performing your best. It puts YOU back in control. It helps YOU understand how your body and metabolism works. It empowers YOU to fix your own problems. And because it finally alleviates the frustration and confusion so many of us struggle with when trying to fix our health, it makes you want to tell the world about it. We embrace all dietary, fitness and other self-improvement philosophies and don’t exclude anybody for any reason. We know we don’t have all the answers, so we absorb what works and discard what doesn’t. Because of that, our Metabolic OS is compatible with any existing lifestyle. It’s simple a framework and process that can help you get the results you want, only faster and easier. We’re rapidly expanding into a billion-dollar multi-channel brand that’s distributed via online, mobile and physical retail. For 9 years, we’ve been painstakingly building the products, services, framework, team and culture to make this happen. We have a robust, mature, complete and profitable business model with scalable customer acquisition. And now we’re pushing into a massive new growth phase. We’ve built a full ecosystem of products that allow someone to live a metabolism-first lifestyle. This includes exercise and nutrition programs, nutraceuticals, functional foods, memberships and 1-on-1 coaching programs. We’re launching our mobile app later this year, then will push into offline retail, extend into home-delivered meals and more. But ONE thing at a time, just like we’ve done for 9 years. So why is a metabolism-first lifestyle needed? Because there are record amounts of sick, overweight, tired and depressed people piling up around the world. We’re over-worked, over-stressed, over-fed and full of toxins. And we’re deprived of the sleep, nutrition, movement and relaxation we need to thrive. Unfortunately, the typical solution of extreme dieting and exercise traps people into a 1-step-forward, 2-steps back vicious cycle that makes them worse off. They bounce from one latest flavor-of-the-month program to the next, never making progress… trapped in a downward spiral of increasing desperation. And philosophies like Paleo or Vegan, while extremely healthy for some, create a rigid us-vs-them tribal mentality that’s self-limiting. Neither of those philosophies work for all people all the time… or even the same person all the time. People differ. Bodies change. If that’s not respected, things will backfire. The answer? Instead of trying to FIND the perfect program, you need to CREATE your own – one that respects how YOUR body works. And that’s where our metabolism-first framework comes in that we call our Metabolic Optimization System or “Metabolic OS”. It empowers you with a repeatable, customizable method to optimize your metabolism. Because we’ve found through working with millions of people that a fully optimized metabolism is what delivers the results everyone wants – feeling their best, looking their best and performing their best, EVERY day. So, instead of fighting against your body and getting inconsistent results with a one-size fits all program or protocol, we teach you to work with your body to enjoy consistent results by building your OWN perfect customized program. One that’s practical, enjoyable and sustainable… and starts working fast.
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Company reviews
"Customer service"
Current EmployeeCustomer service
Buena empresa,salario justo,, un poco de presión con Q&A

"Healthy Company Culture! "
Current EmployeeSenior Recruiter
Innovative and moving fast...Metabolic Living employees have ALWAYS worked remotely...since day one! Working smarter, not harder- management is always seeking ways to move efficiently. They are always seek to raise the bar. There are weekly "Huddles" company wide where employees share projects and share successes. It is an uplifting, fast-paced, FUN supportive culture.

"great training, very supportive and fun"
Former EmployeeProduct Support
I enjoyed working here. Great people. The pay structure is good. Be prepared to make 80 to 100 calls a day. It takes a while to build your customer base but you can make 200 to 300 a day pretty quickly.

"Pure remote work & great management"
Current EmployeeQuality Assurance Analyst
Great company, ensures you're well equipped and has the necessary skills to be successful for the role assigned. Pure remote work & flexible hours, management's easy to talk to. Workmates are friendly and professional.